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Then The Chart!, Now Payroll by DescriptMED
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You don't need a web based solution for most tasks!
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Payroll by DescriptMED

Independent Software Development Meeting a Need  

Daily tasks may be done with simple tools geared toward the need at hand.


Data Centered

Payroll offers you a structured database system to calculate and save pay periods.

Logon Security

Username and Password protected data keeps your employee pay information confidential

Check Tracking

Link each employee pay to checks or acccount numbers that you assign

Free Trial - Free Use

Use Payroll by DescriptMED for free for 90 days without any obligation to pay.  Use it beyond the 90 day trial period for free without fear of losing access to your data.

 Video Tutorials

Instructions and video demonstrations to walk you through some of the tricky stuff, and all the 'how to's.

Periodic  Enhancements

Enhancements to be published as needed or identified.

Tailor to your Business

Enter Name, Address, Employees specific to your busiuness

Low One-Time Version Cost

If you decide to purchase your license all you pay is $39.00 for the version you install. 

Payoll by DescriptMED

Get Paid, Go Home!



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