"Payroll by DescriptMED" -  Installation Instructions

Click Here to Download Payroll by DescriptMED

1. Login as an Administrator to yor computer - Download the DescriptMED Payroll.exe and save to your computer

2. Run an antivirus check on the program using your antivirus software  if you wish.  However, there is no spyware, virus, trojan or worm built in.  It's not included in the product!

3. Disable your antivirus for the install if you feel comfortable.  If you have problems with the install with your antivirus running try it again disabled.

4. The program should install to "C:/Program Files (x86)/DescriptMED/Payroll" and you should have an icon on your desktop.

5. Open the program.  You will get a license agreement screen.  Leave FREE TRIAL and FREE TRIAL in the boxes.  Read the EULA, if you agree accept the provsions and proceed.

6. You will receive a message telling you that you will need to migrate to the DATABASE.  It should be in the same instalation folder with the extension .accdb ****

7.  Log in as Administrator - Put Admin as the password - When the Forgot Password button appears use "dog" without the quotes as the secret answer.   Put in a new secret answer and a new password to log in, Save/Update then close and reopen the program.****

8. Login as Administrator with your new password.

9.  Go to the Menu to Show- Settings and enter your Business Name Address etc. Add other info as needed or update the factors by whic pay is multiplied to calculate deductions e.g. Social Security, Medicare

10. To add a new employee go to File - New Employee - enter your data then save

****NOTE:  If you get a message that you must have an "Updateable Query" then you must set the folder permissions for the folder and possibly the database.  Watch THIS VIDEO for further help.